Under One Sky

I took a course in glassblowing at Water Street Glassworks, a small glasswork studio in Benton Harbour, Michigan. The course consisted of 2 weeks of intensive training, starting from practicing basic glassblowing and glass pulling skills and ending in creating a final project that would be showcased in a one-night exhibition in the gallery section of the studio.

“Under One Sky” is the final project I worked on during my glassblowing course, and was displayed in the Fire and Ice art exhibition in January, 2010. Below is my artist’s statement that accompanied the piece:

“Having grown up in Hong Kong and flown to many different countries to visit relatives and friends around the world, I have developed a fascination for globalisation, internationalism and cultural diversity that I see when I travel. But despite the differences, I still catch flashes of startling similarities that create an invisible network of ties between people. Like the sky, places and people can look very different from one another, yet its great expanse reaches us all. My pieces are thus inspired by pictures I took of the sky while up in the stratosphere, and by the Teru-teru-bozu, a weather-wishing doll that emerged in China and is now found in Japan. Used as a physical representation of a wish for good weather, I used the shape of the Teru-teru-bozu to symbolise people’s united desire for sunny days, and a common conversation topic that occurs no matter where you may be.”


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