She clicks the last few letters of the story, before stretching out for a sigh (of relief? Of disappointment or happiness? Not sure). It’s been a long few months, but the project’s finally finished – for now at least. She allows a feline yawn to escape, noting the time and day, though for her, the day doesn’t end until she falls asleep.

Endings have always been bittersweet for her, because if she could, she’d write a story that lasts forever. It would transcend its own boundaries, and become something even she has no control over. But for now, she pockets the project in internet space, leaving it to be touched at a later time. (It would most likely have a different form by then, but it’s best when nothing stays the same.)

For her, it’s never been a question of “like” or “dislike”. The writer writes; that’s his job, and if the proper message has been communicated then it becomes the writer’s commendation.

She knows she can be cryptic at times, sometimes overly so (as noted by some friends and family), and she worries that one day even she would lose the original meaning behind all the things she wrote. It’s so easy to bury a treasure too far below the dirt, and she’s not sure if she only has herself to blame if people give up on digging it out.

So she tries her best to draw a better map, but will still count it as a miracle every time someone is willing to pick up a shovel and try.

Thanks for sticking around! The “Grimm Fairytales” project has been completed for now; all holes filled and accounted for. Hope you enjoyed, and thank you for all the views, likes and comments these past few months. I promise there’s more to come, so please stick around while I figure out the next project/series (that’s writer talk for “take a break”; ha!).


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