He scowls, because he’s not allowed to do what he wants – at least not in the most literal sense of the word. But he’s fluent in all the ways of the English language, and there are always different methods to say the same thing while meaning the opposite.

So while he’s on his diet of bread and water, he studies hard so he can be better than his lawyer – perhaps even the judge himself. In his mind, “right” and “wrong” are both relative, and he intends to show everyone his ingenious way of thinking.

He’s wandering outside the box now, and he’s not sure whether he’d be loved or crucified for being different, but as long as he doesn’t – can’t – care, it would be easy to remain calm and wield logic as his sword and shield. And he’d be safe from the law, at least until someone more eloquent than him comes along.


One thought on “Eloquent

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