The Strong Man

It’s hard to hide when he’s seven feet tall, and even harder when he’s been forced to hide for so long that his legs get cramps just thinking about small spaces. He learned a long time ago that no place is completely safe, and that while it’s easy to run or hide, it will eventually hinder his growth.

He’s never dealt well with confined spaces, so when he breaks out of his first and last prison, he thought he could finally find answers on his own. Instead, he finds he can’t stop breaking things, nor can he put them back together again.

Some say strength is a tremendous gift, but he finds it a very lonely world. Only those stronger (or who think they are) aren’t afraid of his approach, and even then, they’ll run away in the end the moment they do something he doesn’t like.

The world’s strongest man finds value in being vulnerable, but it’s something he knows he can never understand.


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