The Forgiver and the Forgiven

She’s always been this way; always been willing to overlook other people’s flaws without overlooking their behaviour. So even while she tries her best to protect herself from evil, she can still see beyond the unkindness and into the heart of hurt; of those spoiled or damaged by the ways of the world.

It’s the kind of sight that changes people, because when she sees she can’t help but tailor her behaviour accordingly. Her only fear is for those who are too broken to be mended, or are unwilling to change for the better.

So she calls it a miracle when her greatest enemies finally understand what she’s been trying to tell them all along; so miraculous that she’s almost envious, because their testimony will always be more powerful than the one she has. But she’s okay with it, not because she’s a saint, but because she can now say she has a family.

She’s rebuilt burned bridges, and she can’t possibly be prouder than she is now.


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