The Sisters

When they learn she has a sister, people often ask her whether they’re close or not. It’s a common question, but for some reason, she can’t find a simple answer.

Being close meant being able to live together without ignoring the other’s presence. Being close meant having arguments, but making up later anyway. Being close meant not overlooking the other’s faults, but rather taking them in stride and encouraging them to change at the same time. Being close meant knowing the balance between giving difficult or simple love, because even though people aren’t perfect, they can always try, and that effort would make them close.

She’s starving, and her sister is withholding the one thing she needs, and if they were truly close she thinks she’d have been able to understand her reasons. If they weren’t, she thinks she’d have asked a different person for help a long time ago, but since neither has happened, all she can do is lie down and pray.


Blah blah blah

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