The Weaver

There are only four things she inherited from her family, and only one thing she knows how to do, but it’s enough to keep her poor. (It’s a mistake to think that she has nothing, but she doesn’t have everything, either.)

Her only complaint was the boredom of routine; there was the occasional buyer that came with large pockets and a smiling face and news from the outside, but otherwise it felt like she lived at the edge of the world. Her products are much more well-travelled than she is, and sometimes, when the boredom weighs a little too heavy on her shoulders, she likes to imagine the world from their point of view.

When a stranger comes to her house, for once he did not buy anything, nor did she try to sell him anything. Instead, he looked in from the kitchen window, as if peeking inside her fairytale of a world.

Her world seemed to get warmer and brighter, so she squeezes her eyes shut and opens the kitchen window, and her last day of boredom went out the door.


Blah blah blah

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