To Live Forever

It may not seem like it, but all animals know the value of rest. Their lives are too hard, and so to live for too long would be more punishment than pleasure. They wear the label “old” like a battle scar, but for the ones who work hard, there’s relief in knowing that there’s a limit to everything.

All humans know the value of life. They take things much slower; babies take months to learn how to walk, adulthood is reached at about the same time an old horse dies, and yet a lifetime is still measured in years. It’s a kind of dissatisfaction or an overwhelming of desires that keep us awake, and even if there’s nothing at the end of the road, the curiosity is strong enough to make us want to see this through to the end.

Neither way is pleasant, and there’s a limit to everything, but at the very least it makes us connected in all the ways that can’t be described.


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