The Sluggard

There’s a disgusting woman who lives in a village down the lane, near the forest where the bubbling brook resides. And being disgusting has nothing to do with appearance, because no matter how ugly the face is, a shining personality will always show, usually in the eyes, but more often in every inch of the body and actions.

This woman is disgusting, because even though she’s creative enough to make her husband do all her work for her, there’s a certain slimy feeling to the way she goes about her schemes and avoids work like the plague while blaming others for being unable to complete her work.

She’s lucky enough to be married, although how that happened in the first place is a true mystery. So she sits with idle hands, and becomes even more useless than a sack of potatoes, because at least you can still eat potatoes.


Blah blah blah

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