The Bully

All he wants is justice; there’s a reason he’s grown as big as he is, and for every reason there must be a consequence. So he tries to find it from his father, but he discovers he’s too big to be his son. And then he’s given more money than he can ever need or count, but he takes it anyway, because no one wants the alternative, not even his own father.

All he wants is equality; a fairness the world is dead set against, and all the cheapskates hiring him are making a bet they can’t afford. He’s sent to the worst ends of the situation, and comes back unscathed, and better off than anyone around him. And even though everyone knows he cheated, his employers are still cheapskates, so only they can commend him for what he does.

They commend him, so he doles out his justice, and funnily enough they go up but don’t ever come back down again.


Blah blah blah

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