The Goose-Boy

She seemed to drop out of nowhere, and that was probably true, as she’d always refuse to say anything about where she’s from or where she’s going. And he can’t form any sort of relationship with her, because even when they’re together they seem to be travelling in two different directions, even when they’re driving the geese down the same path through the same town and into the same meadow.

He wishes this were a love story, but it isn’t, and her song is always a question that he’ll never get an answer to. So he chases after the golden strands of her hair instead; chases the circle that his hat completes around the sky, and finds that every time he returns she’s always gone.

He’s a simple boy, and there are other things more important to him than some lost girl’s hair, so he leaves it to a hero to pick up the pieces, and keeps his hat and his face and stays the same.


Blah blah blah

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