Bag of Tricks

He’s like a magician; clever in the way he fools others with little to no effort, and making them believe in him as if he was the spokesperson for a new religion. And he never gets tired of thinking up new ways to demonstrate his boundless mixture of creativity and cunning. Every day is like a puzzle to be invented and pieced, and clicking the pieces into place sends thrills of adrenaline through his veins.

He’s slightly cocky, and when someone less intelligent asks him the secret behind his magic, he’s indecisive for a split second, wondering if sharing is really caring when he doesn’t benefit from the act in any way. So he scoffs instead, and boasts about his bagful of tricks without actually revealing anything.

He’s like a puzzle himself now, but instead of being put together he’s being taken apart by his pride, and his last thought is saved for the one who outwitted him with a single simple thought instead of many different ones.


Blah blah blah

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