For You

You were crying when you were found, because you’d just been lost and couldn’t go back. You wouldn’t stop crying, and I like to think I was the one to make you smile first, but I think you smiled because you were kind enough to be brave for me.

Forever is a very strong word, but for your sake I’ll use it, because I don’t want us to be anything except permanent in a world that changes too much and too quickly. And I’ll be the word ‘never’ and you can be ‘ever’, and we’ll always be like these words – words with the same meaning, but different bodies.

You’ll be the rosebush to my rose, the church to my chandelier, the pond to my duck, and you can see where this is going because you’ll always be ‘home’, and you’ve invited me to stay, even though you can live without me.

You can leave without me, too, so I’m just grateful that the two of us can always be gathered together, and that you’d let me stay. And I’d break secrets for you, not because I don’t want you to leave, but because we’re better when we’re with each other. We become more than the sum of ourselves; we can break the laws of language and maths and nature, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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