The Mr and Mrs

It’s a game they play when they’re married, and the only one that turns into a test. And while they don’t have “His and Hers” items in the house, the proof of their marriage lies more in the way they fight than in the ways they reconcile. He pushes, she shoves, and soon enough they fall in more ways than one.

So he lies down and fakes his death, because there’s a reason why truth is like a skeleton. He lies down beneath the loveseat, and watches as others immediately come to court.

They come to court, but as the man of the house, he’s the judge and jury and examiner, and after all the witnesses are done he fails her, not because she dared to love again, but because she thought she could so easily replace him with someone else. Perhaps she had loved him with the attitude of a widower all along, but even so, he still fails her, since he’s the only half who can’t forget so easily.


Blah blah blah

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