Wishing on a Fish

Once upon a time, there was a fisherman and his wife who lived in a filthy little shack by the edge of the sea. And the fisherman was the kind of man who wanted everything, not because there was always something better, but because he’d be satisfied with the life that comes his way.

His wife, however, wants not: she wants not the shack, the cottage, the palaces or power, and nothing was ever what she wanted because every time, she’d discover that there was always something better than what she wanted.

So she made her husband find a fish to make her a wife, a lady, a king and a pope, and then to make the sun and moon rise.

Dawn was breaking, but so was the sky and sea. And suddenly all that was better was gone, yet home was left, and what she wanted was found exactly where she needed it to be.


One thought on “Wishing on a Fish

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