What the Musician Wanted

He was tired of thinking and bored of being by himself. His fiddle may be his life, but it didn’t make for a good companion. So he played a tune to the trees to see whose ears would hear.

First, the predator came; the powerful one who ploughs his way through in life, taking what he wants, when he wants. But the musician’s gift was for him to give and none to take, so he imprisoned the predator by force, and told him to wait.

Second came the cunning, a creeping yet clever creature whose thoughts can’t be seen and tricks others to get what he wants. But the musician didn’t want a manipulative companion, because he didn’t want anything except his music to be the one doing the manipulating. So he trapped the trickster, and told him to wait.

He kept playing, and a third candidate came running on swift feet. But those who are quick to come are quick to go, and the musician didn’t want someone who listened with a flight of fancy. He sent this candidate running away in circles until he couldn’t run anymore, and told him to wait.

He carried on playing, and finally, his music reached the ears of a human – a poor human, with nothing to offer except his ears and his heart. It was all the musician wanted, and so he played on and on for someone who was his equal; for someone who would listen without want.


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