The Name of Peace

The messenger turns his back towards him and runs out the door like someone who has something to lose. He understands the message that was brought to him, even all that was left unsaid, because from this point on he’ll have to soak his hands in blood.

He’s not sure whether he’s being made into someone’s scapegoat or pawn, but the heat in his chest has long become too great for him to handle. If revenge is best served cold, then justice comes piping hot, especially when it has nowhere to go.

He rises with the smoke, and rides to collect debts that are long overdue. So when the debtor sends messengers to ask him whether he comes in peace, he almost laughs, because how can he, when evil is all around?

They can accuse him of treachery and worse, but he comes in justice, and hypocrites in denial won’t notice the heat until they get burned.


Blah blah blah

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