It’s just a label he knows, but one that won’t come off easily, not because he’s trouble but because he follows it, trying to turn it around and make it good.

It hasn’t worked for the past several years, and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever succeed, but he keeps trying.

So he’s trouble; he seems to bring it wherever he goes, and it has come to a point where he can’t even tell if he’s the one following trouble or if trouble follows him. Round and round they go, like the way the earth meets the sun, and he doesn’t know who would catch up to whom.

So when trouble starts moving again, he moves to meet him in the middle, and this time, there’s no chasing or running away being done. This time they meet, and in the expanse of silence between them and a million others, he puts himself to the test, and is met with everything other than disappointment.


Blah blah blah

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