She takes her stand at the highest point along the way, where two paths meet, as if pointing the right way home. (Direction has been redefined – “up” is not the same as “ascend”, and there’s nowhere to go, rather, it’s a place to be). Next to the gate leading into the city she takes her stand, and raises her voice to speak.

There are many things more valuable than silver and gold and rubies of the deepest red; things that people are much less drawn to, simply because they’re more difficult to get. But she speaks of such things; age-old words of wisdom and knowledge that no one knows and only a few can understand.

She calls for her children, those who hear her voice and recognise it as the one to follow. They are all her children, so young and foolish most of the time, but those who truly listen she finds standing outside her doorway from day to day. Always watching, always keeping at least one ear trained to her mouth and movements, so even when they’re lost, they can quickly find their way home again.


Blah blah blah

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