She always has an impeccable sense of timing; when the light fades but there’s still enough left to set her skin aglow. She turns, and in the right angle, the shadow hides her hands, and her allure is highlighted to set sparks in the eyes that turn her way. Her feet never stay at home, and she’s everywhere at once – in the streets, the squares, the corners that churn out a restless chaos.

She has a way with words, her sweet voice charming the ears of even those who hear, saying everything that wants to be heard. It’s a voice that speaks only to desire, stirring it into a roaring fire.

She has a way with her body, as if certain actions were engraved in her muscles before she was born. She holds people and places kisses with a brazen face, and her mouth never stops moving. It’s her mouth that makes money; that paves a highway to her house and to the grave.

She leaves a trail for those foolish enough to follow, made of those who are none the wiser.


2 thoughts on “Wayward

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