The Craftsman

The term “countless” is used not because the amount of an item is unquantifiable, but because there’s so much of it that anyone would give up before even bothering to start the measuring process.

So, with this technically infinite about of bronze he has at his disposal, he can make anything. Nothing but the best, of course, barring the material needed for prototypes or experimentation, but otherwise the infinite makes him feel invincible. Like he can do or make anything armed with inspiration and an absolute knowledge of bronze work.

Even so, it’s not “anything” he makes, but rather several “one-things” that make this particular project much different from the rest, because while the ideas aren’t his, they’re still original works born from his head and heart and hands. And maybe as an artist he could be more independent if he wanted to, but also as an artist, he knows that there are some things in the world that go beyond dependence and independence.

This is the kind of art that must be made; that begs to be made and moulded into what it should be rather than what it is. Art that should exist, even when there’s no one to make it.

He’s here and ready, and there’s no greater honour for an artist like him.


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