The Spectacle

Today is a special day, one filled with rejoicing and cymbals and fattened calfs, and he’s gone and made a fool of himself. The ground is littered with six steps of reverence and a dance that seems to go on forever, and the eyes of the servants’ slaves are watching as he makes a fool of himself that goes beyond forever.

Even in his own eyes, he’s humiliated himself in the way only logic can dictate; in the way where it can’t be avoided or denied and dismissed as a momentary fit of a mistake. But the free food he passes out to his audience afterwards isn’t a bribe or plea for redemption; instead, he’d rather they remember him just like this, because he thinks that by this unashamed dancing, he’s become closer than ever to the impossible.

They’ll honour him more for being honest, and even amidst the logic of humiliation, he feels that as long as he doesn’t forget who he is, he can allow that for himself, just this once before he has to return to reality.


Blah blah blah

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