The Fallen

Unlike angels, humans can’t fall from grace into a lifestyle of evil. Rather, he sees them shift into darkness, like water being absorbed through the skin or oil through the bones. He sees humans shift to evil as if the thought was there all along.

Knowing this doesn’t help him escape from those who want to harm him, but running away seems too silent; too defeatist of an action for him to go through. The silence is worse than hearing constant lies and hate, and he prays that being poor and in need helps push his case further along the path of mercy.

He knows what “poor” and “need” is now, when he has nothing and knows nothing he does can save his soul, because he’s shifted to darkness before and is pretty sure he’ll shift again. Being poor is knowing exactly what he’s worth, in all aspects and under every kind of light so any gleam and glitter is dispersed before it reaches the eyes.

The silence makes him patient and desperate all at once, so he implodes, and keeps himself from shifting for one more day.


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