The Outside

One thing he thinks plagues him more than anything else are when great plans go awry despite all the greatest of potentials and best of intentions. It seems that even greater plans are necessary to make up for the loss incurred, and that just means more time and effort and mutual understanding to make it all happen again.

What he needs are people and events to come together in a manifestation of meticulous harmony, and to get it right this time so he doesn’t end up mourning the death of another future.

The problem with most advisors is they often pick kings with their eyes, because it’s the first form of human connection made between two people. There’s something about the tall and handsome that make them popular, if not well-loved, but this is often the first and only mistake that’s made. So this time, he picks a king with a courage that matches his faith, and can only pray that this time, everything will turn out for the better.


Blah blah blah

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