The Wanted

What does it say about him and his life, when no one, not even his own sons, was willing to follow where he’d gone; to retrace the footsteps he took to get to where he is right now? To feel rejection is to see everyone else as wanting someone other than who he is, and he has to admit it hurts more than a little.

People are stubborn in the funniest of ways though, in spite of what they know and have learned by looking through history’s not-so-finest moments and even experiencing some of its aftershocks. If they want a king, they want a king, even if he becomes a tyrant or a dictator because all these labels still scream Authority! and Power. And what kind of nation would they be without those?

They think they’re naked without that symbol, so he relents and allows them to go through with such a hasty decision, because most decisions are only a reflection of rejection rather than the original image.

Everything, even hurt emotions can eventually be swallowed, so he gulps a mouthful now, and hopes the new stock of humility will stay.


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