Everything his parents tried to warn him of suddenly seem to become more serious when coming out of his teacher’s mouth (there’s something inherent about children not listening to their parents). He doesn’t know whether it’s because they hold different statuses in his life, or whether because he left one for the other, but still. No matter what kind of philosophical spin or mind-twisting riddle is woven into the message, it’s as if a new light has been cast down and everything in life can be waxed poetically, including the most innocuous of things.

Maybe he’s the one who has changed. He’s grown older and wiser now, and that’s why he’s much more willing to sit down and listen and take advice from other people. Even though there’s something to be proved about leaving everything for the sake of one cause, in the back of his mind he still measures the price, and finds that while the actions were sometimes quite questionable, the lesson was always worth it, as long as he remembers to put it into practice.

It makes all the warnings worth heeding, even if not everyone will agree to this way of life.


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