The land needs to rest, as if it’s also a living, breathing being, and he supposes that carries more truth than some people realise, because what the land contains and sustains is more than enough to make it move; make it inhale and exhale along with the creatures that inhabit this earth.

When he goes to war and fights, everything stands still, as if the land knows the struggle going on and holds its breath for the outcome – for the lives being lost and saved because of a lack of understanding and truth. This time, he thinks it’s more than the rush in his veins slowing time down, because even as the sun hangs in the sky, the day and the night refuse to move. They pause to watch and wait, and he’s not sure what kind of answer he’s supposed to give.

So he continues to fight, and blink until the sun behind his eyes stops flashing green and black and red. There will be no rest for him and his fellow soldiers until the day starts moving again, and until he notices that he’s still breathing along with the rest of the land.


Blah blah blah

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