He looks at his business, and thinks it will last forever. After all, he not only owns his workers, but also his workers’ children. He owns a self-sustaining business, and he makes sure everyone else believes it as well. And when they’re old enough, he’ll pass on the trade to his children and his children’s children, leaving behind a legacy that ensures he will be remembered long after he’s gone.

He looks at his wealth, and thinks it will last forever. He owns more than just workers, but also physical resources like livestock and silver and gold. Nobody lends him anything; rather, everyone borrows from him because they know he has more than enough to spare. He doesn’t believe in charity, because in his mind’s eye, no fully functioning adult should have to ask anyone for anything and expect it to be free.

He looks at everything in his life, everything but himself, and believes he will last forever.


Blah blah blah

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