In the Deep

There’s a difference between being stubborn and refusing to let go of something that’s important. He hangs on now, with a clenched fist and even more closed-off heart, because he knows there’s more than just his reputation that’s at stake – it’s his integrity, what makes up a part of him, and letting go would mean admitting that he’s not the man he is.

There is darkness found in the deep, between where the water meets the sky even on the sunniest of days. It is wrapped up within the clouds, and falls wherever and whenever it wants, eventually creeping into the cracks of human hands. But even knowing all this, he also knows that he can’t run forever, so instead he finds a way to escape to a place where both love and fear dwell.

He may not be the wisest, or even the cleverest of men, but at least he’ll have a reputation and a legacy to keep, and everyone knows they’re things that can last almost for forever.


Blah blah blah

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