More Than the Truth

Being shrouded in secrets is not the same as being unknown because of great mystery. A mystery can unveil all its secrets and still remain unsolved, like the unconnected white dots found in a starry night sky.

So when a question is asked, where is the answer found? When is it given, and when is it actually solved so the riddle doesn’t feel lonely anymore?

But perhaps the answer doesn’t really care about the question, and cares more about the seeker – the one who’s asking the question.

“There’s no such thing as a stupid question”, and that may be true, but certainly there’s such a thing as a question that’s much too clever for its own good, choking itself before the words even get a chance to breathe.

Knowledge puffs up like a balloon that keeps expanding until it meets the pincushion of Truth, and people can only stare at it as it flies away.


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