No matter what the circumstances are, there’s no looking back, because he knows it’s the path that leads to regret. And he finds that regretting the present cheapens the past and future, as if none of them have enough issues to care about.

So he writes a copy of the entire book of the Law and keeps it close to his side at all times. It’s a weight he can’t and must never forget; a weight he must study and fuse to his heart and mind so he will learn and not just know.

Going halfway and giving up anywhere in between is more dangerous than starting the journey or reaching the goal. And perhaps, if he manages to finish everything he starts, he could leave behind a legacy that will go on forever, so that his example will never be forgotten and thus the memory of him will never die.

The message found within the legacy will keep moving forward, spread across the earth’s surface, and live forever until everything and everyone have arrived in a place where they belong.


Blah blah blah

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