Everyone says “seeing is believing”, but the problem he struggles with isn’t with believing but with understanding the purpose behind what he sees. So when he sees events unfold by spinning out of the control of human hands, he tries his best to discover what such situations mean. He tries his best to store them carefully within his sea of memories, without adding or taking away to the narrative.

It’s this sea that continues to whet the shorelines of his beliefs; churns them over and over as if it’s trying to make sure he will never be called blind. And even though he knows how fickle his thoughts can be, he still anchors his most important memories to the one rock on the beach, and hopes they’ll never be washed away.

He ties symbols to his hands and melds them into his forehead as a display to others and mostly to himself, so that all outside influences can’t get in and leave him with a price he has to pay.


Blah blah blah

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