The Last Fight

This is it – one last event to experience; one last fight for vengeance and one last time he’ll lead these people to battle.  It seems fitting to have this chapter of his life begin in blood and end in blood.

He’s by no means a proud man, or even one who’s lived with no regrets, but even for a man like him, the journey has turned him from a stuttering man to a man who’s learned how to burn with anger and hold courage in his heart.

There’s nothing special about this particular fight either; only that it has to be done, if not lead by him then by somebody else. He won’t hand it over to anyone though – not when he knows it’s a last gift of time, time to spend with his people and to fight and sweat and bleed together. He may be old, but he can still do all these things.

He’s long accepted the fact that time always marches forward, like a soldier going to war. So even when they return from the battle and everything isn’t okay, he treats it like any other problem he’s faced before, but this time, he doesn’t run away from the story’s ending.


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