The jury listens to the testimonies of the witnesses, and pictures a man with the twisted face of a true criminal – one who is worse than the criminal of a physical crime such as theft or murder, because this one apparently stores the ambition to become like a god in his heart.

Surely, whatever’s in the heart will be reflected on the face, or in the very least it reveals itself in all the little ways a human holds – the same little ways that cause a man to fall in love with a woman despite her quirks, and the same little ways that can also stir up feelings of extreme irritation among family members.

The jury pictures a crazy man, a depraved man, one so fallen he refuses to even crawl towards the light, so when he sees the accused’s face for the first time, he’s astonished.

The man has the face of brightness; luminescence (or is it illumination?) sitting beneath his skin, and his eyes look…ready, as if resolved to carry out whatever task is seen to be needed.

Above all, a calmness clings to the air around the criminal, and he seems eager to speak – not the way the accused are eager to defend themselves, but the way a messenger who has travelled a long way to deliver an important report is eager to speak before he forgets even the smallest detail.

The jury isn’t quite sure what to make of it, so he listens, and tries to determine who’s right and who’s wrong.


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