The Cheat

It’s very unusual for him to find himself unable to stop smiling, but it just so happens that today is such a day – from the moment his client confirmed the deal to counting, coin by coin, the large bag of money he received. It was a fantastic investment on his part to purchase that plot of land, and now he can pick its ripened fruit.

A sweet, juicy fruit in the form of all that glitters, so good that he would have felt guilty keeping it if he hadn’t already decided to give it away. An investment in charity, if you will.

But unlike the plot of land, he doesn’t know whether what he invests in will bear the kind of fruit he likes and wants. And surely, he deserves some part of the profit for being so wise with his money! So when he counts and recounts the money on his polished table, he ‘miscounts’ a few here and there – because really, who would miss a coin or two? Who would know?

So the next day, when he hands his donation over to the man in charge of the organisation, he thinks that even if he died right then and there, he’ll be satisfied, and go with that same smile on his face.


Blah blah blah

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