He finds it interesting that his true character is revealed only when he goes through difficult times, not because he isn’t an honest person, but because he can’t know himself the way a third party could. It’s practically impossible to divorce himself from himself, even if he were to address himself by his full name instead of “I” or “me”.

So when the very core of his being is tested in liquid fire, he watches his reactions very carefully and takes his time to answer each unspoken question with utmost thought, because no one, not even his teachers, will give him the correct answer – not during a test.

There’s pouring of fire and dowsing of water until he’s been heated and cooled repeatedly, which is much more painful than going through just one of these processes, but he comes out a little stronger; a little hardier each time. And even though he can’t predict what kind of man he’ll become, it doesn’t matter because it’s proof of a promise he’s made to himself: a promise that says he will never go back to his past  prototype self, untried and untested like a child straight from his mother’s womb.


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