He finds his hiding place in the enemy’s shadow, and it makes him feel a little dirty. Just a little; not enough to drive him away from it, but enough for it to be noticed. He believes it’s the best way to be left alone, because this way he blends in like a leaf among a forest, so if anything goes wrong, there are many other people who can take the fall instead.

He keeps a horse in case he needs to run away, and even then he doesn’t have to do the running himself. It makes him feel less accountable and more removed from the situation, and it runs faster than he ever could. He’s ready to go at the swing of a sword.

In the meantime, he rides around in the space provided by the shadow. He’s the kind of man who likes to be prepared with little effort and prefers to watch an illusion rather than reality, because he thinks it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

He’s the world’s best magician, because he believes that his magic is real.


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