The Promise

Although the long hike up the mountain has left him panting and a little out of breath, his heart strains in a different way when he reaches the top, and the land below is rolled out before him with nothing left to hide.

It’s beautiful, and his eyes become like twin suns that freely roam across the earth, but can never meet the ground.

The separation is painful. However, the separation is proof of the promise that’s been made to him – a promise so powerful that it goes beyond the grave and keeps him strong against all reason.

Throughout the long course of his life, logic and reason have slowly ceased to exist, until they’ve become no more than an occasional reminder that he’s not quite gone yet. And even when he’s completely forgotten that such things exist, he believes he’ll be fine, because the promise of the land that whispers to him can only get louder.


Blah blah blah

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