The Point of Difference

A law has just been passed that gives them free rein to defend themselves from an upcoming premeditated genocide, and he knows how easy it would be to cross the line from self-defense to barbarianism.

When violence has been justified, it’s easy to cross that line. What makes killing as self-defense different from murder? It’s a question he’s been thinking over the past few days, from when he first heard the order of genocide to when he was pouring ashes and dust over his agony, sitting outside the gates of where ‘justice’ is supposed to come from.

Justice got lazy, and so it forced him to ask this question.

So when the day comes and goes, he finds his answer in the empty hands of his fellow race, where the idea of ‘defense’ comes from their makeshift armoury and not the greed that’s found in human hearts.

Their defense grants them the power to be generous, so as they fight, they fight to protect what’s already theirs, and to celebrate their victory, they share what they’ve saved with others, so everyone will remember what they stand for when they raise their arms in battle.


Blah blah blah

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