The Discourager

It’s no easy feat to keep going when the enemy has them surrounded, poised and ready to attack at any time while they’re trying to rebuild their home. On top of that, most of them are farmers and labourers and shepherds, not soldiers or even warriors.

But he’s determined that they’ll fight to protect everything they love, everything they have, with everything they have, so they won’t fall down under the weight of angry words.

He tells them to fight, day and night, waking and sleeping, at rest or at work so no one could say they were caught off-guard. The same clothes have been glued to their bodies for more than a month, and everyone has a weapon welded to their hand. Sweat has become their second skin, but at least it’s better than blood.

So as time passes, they continue to kindle stones back to life, fending off their fears with their weapons by day and their dreams by night, so they can finally build something that won’t be so easily torn down again.


One thought on “The Discourager

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