In his thoughts, he often addresses himself as “we”, because sometimes it’s not possible to view himself in any other way. He is not himself anymore; not a lonely individual but one that is part of a greater group of people. And with the way time flows, it’s difficult to determine where one life begins and another ends, because his existence doesn’t and hasn’t ever depended on his own self.

The moments when two or more people meet are all beginnings, and the moments when they part are all endings.

In fact, even if he were born and raised alone, he’d still be more than just a person, because he’s the sum of his ancestors before. There’s just no way to remove his entire being from what people call a “past” or a “brother” or “family”; no way to cut himself off when his entire existence has already been determined by someone other than himself.

So when he addresses himself, he often uses “we”, not because he’s speaking for everyone else, but because he sees his fellow citizens as extensions of his own body and blood. It means his emotions are magnified manifold, and today, it is sadness that shows on more than his face.

It may be the responsibility and burden of a fool, but he’s become more than himself, and that suits him just fine.

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