Fixing the Broken

It’s very risky business to go about repairing things that have been broken, especially if there are people who want them to stay broken. But despite their fear, they still went about with their rebuilding project to reverse ruins into its former state.

It was a flurry of both excitement and apprehension, because they felt like they were doing something they were supposed to do but weren’t allowed to do. Plans were laid and plots were hatched, a hole was dug and filled with stones for a foundation.

It’s part of the very basics in construction to lay a foundation before building upwards, but every builder agrees that it’s the most important. So when the foundation was finished, it was a small wonder that the sight of it provoked the strongest of reactions.

Some people wailed in sorrow, most of them elderlies who have seen the former glory of the building that had been destroyed. It felt off; it felt like they were staring at a place they must eventually call ‘home’ but its former presence doesn’t exist inside anymore. It felt hollowed-out, and they were looking at a place that had forgotten their past by denying it.

Others cried out in great joy, because they see the foundation as a new and beautiful beginning. It’s as if they’ve finally come up for air after a long time of drowning underwater, under problems that couldn’t be weighed on scales. The foundation seemed to be able to hold more than a building – it held the weight of a promise and a future, and they couldn’t be happier.

Regardless of the reason, they now make the air swell with sounds of wailing joy, and it carries so far that no one knows what it sounds like, only that it’s loud and shattering in more ways than one.


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