He knows now, with an acute awareness, that there are consequences to every action he’d normally consider trivial or inane. He has a nagging feeling that he’ll slowly become the type of person who’s very cautious about everything he says or does, always, always watching himself like an eagle hunting its own tail. He might make quite a few detours, or even end up going round in small circles, but at least it makes for good exercise.

He takes his time to write down a list of what he can and can’t eat; what’s considered ‘dirty’ and ‘clean’. This will set him and his fellow citizens apart from everyone else – all other desert nations eat what they can find, but imposing this diet on themselves makes him suspect that they’ll be the one nation that’s able to afford to be picky about what they eat.

He decides it’s a good sign, but skips his dinner just to be on the safe side.


Blah blah blah

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