The Price of Love

It’s not a question of whether he did it or not, only whether he remembers the difference between right and wrong.

On occasions, he forgets, but when he does remember he cringes inwardly, because he knows the price of breaking the law.

He opens the gate to his herd of goats, and the herd shrinks in a way that hurts.

There are alternatives, of course. There are always alternatives; choices of paths that branch into even more paths like a tree that doesn’t know how to stop growing, but because he knows all roads stem from him, he just presses his lips together and refuses to complain. There are alternatives that are opposite in outcome, moral and choice to existing alternatives, and there are worse ways to pay a debt.

He leads his payment towards the altar, and stays awhile to watch as true love dies over and over again, and turns gold to red to black.


2 thoughts on “The Price of Love

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