The Princess

She walks into her new home in a strange land and a strange place, but its ivory beauty is like a balm to her nerves.

She walks in gold, and carries herself like a queen with nowhere to be. The music of strings weighs heavier than the air, and it pools on the ground in such a way that she has to wade through it, leaving a shimmering trail behind her.

She’s nearing the throne now, and wonders what the stranger would think of her. Though she’s beautiful, in truth she has nothing but herself to offer, and is a little afraid that she isn’t worth the other’s expectations.

Quite suddenly, she’s standing in front of the stranger – the king, the one she’ll call ‘family’ in this strange land she’ll eventually call ‘home’, and she’s overwhelmed with a fragrant blend of myrrh and aloes and cassia.

The sweet smell of perfume extends its hand from the throne, and when she takes it she’s no longer a princess but a queen, one that has found the place where she belongs.


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