He eyes his finished clothes, and although he must admit that everything was skillfully crafted by the best, he can’t help but raise a skeptical eyebrow at the overall…impression the clothes give.

For one, it’s very colourful – adorned with various different precious stones woven into fabric with gold, purple, blue and scarlet thread. Even though he’s only of an average height, he’s bound to stand out even in the thickest of crowds. Granted, the artisan’s keen eye for detail made sure that the garment is beautiful, albeit in a gaudy fashion. But do I need to be beautiful? he thinks, and the tips of his ears blush in mortification. He knows it’s his duty to wear this to work, but that doesn’t mean he could control his feelings any better than his fellow men.

Upon picking up the clothes, though, he instantly realises several ‘bonuses’ to them – firstly, the two onyx stones acting as shoulder-pads are engraved with the names of all the male citizens. Secondly, the clothes were heavy; at least several pounds heavier than the normal weight of clothes. They seem heavy enough to make the wearer leave inch-deep footprints in the ground!

But the tailor is urging him to try them on, so he does. He lets the weight settle on his shoulders, and straightens himself so the tailor can check his handiwork. It’s a perfect fit, and even though he clunks out the door and waves back in gratitude, he can’t help but feel that these clothes were designed in a way where he can’t ever get used to them, or forget about what he’s wearing.

As he walks forward, he looks behind him, just to see if he’s right about the footprints after all.


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