It’s hard to be the man on top, the king thinks as he looks on his kingdom. The sounds of toil and difficult labour are everywhere, but he knows that as a king and a politician, it’s impossible to please everyone, especially in a nation as large as this.

He drums his fingers on the armrest of his throne, and thinks to the two men just now who had put in a request to give all his slaves a three-day holiday because of some religious festival. Ha! He truly was tempted to laugh in their faces, but propriety prevented him from doing so. And a king must act like a king.

His slaves were getting lazy; that must be it. Or it’s a new form of rebellion or payback for what he did to their children years ago, but he’s not having any of it. He sighs, and rubs his temple with both hands. It’s just so annoying when they forget what he can do, and think that just because they’ve been working at the same job for the past few years, they’re somehow entitled to some time off. Clearly, they need to be reminded of what it means to be a ‘slave’.

Slaves do not have the luxury of being lazy. They shouldn’t even have the time to think about being lazy, and he has to remind them of that. But he can kind of understand the ways in which people are egotistic and stubborn and how they absolutely refuse to see things from a different perspective. He’s a king, after all.

He leans back on his throne, and summons the slave drivers and overseers to his presence. Some people have to work, and he’s not going to be the only one.


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