He’s literally in the farthest corner of the wilderness, in the area beyond the backland area, and sees a fire – a most unusual one, because it seems to sit in the air inside the bush rather than burning it through and through.

He draws closer, and the flames burst into a sound: a voice that speaks his name as if it were looking for him; as if he were lost.

Perhaps he was, since he responds so the voice could ‘find’ him. Or perhaps he’s crazy and hallucinating from the afternoon heat, but he removes his sandals anyway.

The fire burns brighter than the light of the sun, and though he looks away, he’s still asked to demonstrate a courage and leadership that he’s never had, even though he was adopted into a family of kings. There’s not an ounce of those qualities that can be found in him, not since the day he ran away from everything he thought he was.

Regardless, the voice tries to give it to him, and his own voice betrays his fears and lack of self-esteem. How can he be wanted – no, needed, when he doesn’t even need himself? There’s not a shred of self-confidence in him, so he stutters his way through his own speech. Hopefully, that’s enough proof to get the voice’s owner to let him stay where he is.

The voice sighs, and lets him stutter, but ultimately refuses to leave him alone.


Blah blah blah

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