Love speaks of action, but somehow he’s either missed it or hasn’t seen it. He knows the enemy has had difficulty trying to win lately, but he doesn’t understand how he should be able to see love, because shouldn’t love win all the time? He’s lost more than enough, and along with that he’s lost the meaning of true love.

So for the sake of love, he cuts a few corners. He’s being resourceful, if he looks at truth from a different angle. What’s wrong with not sacrificing his best for the best, when he can just reuse offerings that were going to be thrown away anyway? Waste not, want not. Besides, it’s the most logical explanation as to why his needs aren’t met – because if he only gives his best, then there would be less for him.

And yet, he’s being told that Love is weary, and that it’s looking for silver and gold to refine, only it can’t find anything that shines in him or in the people around him.

The prophet’s warning stirs something him, because he doesn’t want to know or understand what life would be like if Love gave up on them.


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