Two Blind Men

They’ve been together ever since the time they fought over the same begging spot, and found that even though the world is dark to both of them, they could still live better together than they had as individuals. Double the misery means double the sympathy, and it’s best for them to milk it for all its worth. Besides, neither of them would admit it to the other, but it’s quite soothing to have someone who completely understands what it’s like to be blind nearby. They can laugh over their collective stumbling, or curl up to weather the winters in a pathetic attempt to stay hopeful about living long enough to hear the spring birds chirp again.

They pull each other along, as if daring the other to give up first.

So when they began to hear of a man who performs miracles, they couldn’t help but listen in hope that they’ll hear something that proves he’s real, even if it’s the echo of his footsteps, just so they can chase him down and ask for a miracle.

But when they heard more and more of this man, they began to wonder if he would want to help them. They can’t offer him anything in return – not even the promise of undying gratitude, because who knows what kind of men they’ll become when they find themselves able to see but unable to beg anymore? They worried together, paced together, and finally planned together so they can say the same words when they find him. They’ve been together long enough to become one another’s echo, because they’ve been singing the same song ever since they were born.

When they finally hear the sound of his clamouring fans and followers, they run, and cry out for mercy.


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